This is the best week to start direct mail in your tax business

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Have you laid out your marketing calendar yet?
If the answer is YES, then bravo. If not, here’s a quick tip: Set up some direct mail THIS week to a targeted radius around your office.
And by “set up”, I mean that you should understand that there is always a lag time with printers, designers, mailing services, etc.
(If you have set up your calendar, I do hope you’ve planned multiple mail drops over the course of the next few months.)
The best time for your first direct mail campaigns to start hitting would be about 2-4 weeks from now, depending on the timing of your target prospects. For the quick refund crowd, the earlier the better, for those who don’t use the quick refund options, you STILL want to start striking their mailboxes (i.e. their dedicated eyeballs) in early February.
And good news! All of this can be completely done for you. With the point and click of a mouse, you have access to proven direct mail templates, and the best mail/design/print team I’ve run across in years in the industry. Go here: for an explanatory video of our new services, and how easy it is to get them out.
Even better — if you have direct mail campaigns that you have used in the past, you can use them! You don’t “just” have to use our designs … but with the pricing we have available to you, there is simply no better, more cost-effective method to getting a BUNCH of new clients in the door then using a dedicated direct mail drop.
The folks we’ve partnered with in this just put out a press release today, and I wanted you to see that too:
But the main thing I want to urge you towards: don’t just “hope” new business comes in. Sow.
And reap.
In this online-saturated world, an effective postcard stands out in the clutter, and gives you the opportunity to have a 1-1 “conversation” with your prospect. Don’t blow that chance!
God bless your efforts, and go out there and plant some seeds!

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