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Troy Lakey, COO of TaxProMarketer, on how to get started with your
Email Marketing services

"The Facebook marketing has paid for itself 10-fold."

You guys have always done an excellent job for me. The Facebook [marketing] has paid for itself 10-fold -- definitely.  During my brief hiatus from your services, people were asking for it, and looking for the updates from it; even more than for the weekly emails, honestly, for my client list. I really want you guys to get back to work on Facebook and for me, as it was really working very, very well.

Ralf Heyer, EA

"Your emails are the best I have seen over the last 20+ years I have been doing this."

We are truly satisfied with your marketing campaign and team. Your emails are the best I have seen over the last 20+ years I have been doing this. My family as well, which makes this over the 40+ years that our firm has been in business – and I have told a few core members of the Professional Association of Small Business Accountants (PASBA). Thank you!

Craig Carr

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Email Marketing Revolution Starting Guide
(a summary of the video above)

Features of Your New Service
As you know, the primary feature of your Email Marketing Revolution service is the quality, relational weekly emails written and sent for you. Once you go through the following "setup" steps to get this service really going, you'll be able to have those sent for you every week.

We'll send you weekly reminders to approve your email(s) for the week -- a process that takes 5-10 mins/week, and can be done easily from your mobile device.

But your service includes much, much more than that. 

Our team is currently hard at work building out the rest of your email marketing tools included in your subscription -- so you won't yet see within your dashboard everything you'll soon be receiving. Our email marketing team is quickly putting those tools together on a manual, custom basis for you, and as soon as they're ready, we'll notify you, and will give you more information about how they work.

Next Steps For Getting Started

To get started, just log into your Dashboard and go through the "Getting Started Wizard" provided there.  The Wizard will guide you through:

* Proofing the public-facing Profile we have in place for you there (and making any changes you'd like), 

* Providing us with your company Logo if you haven't already, 

* Uploading your List of existing client emails, and ...

* Approving your first provided Email (applying any edits you'd like).

Initial Things You'll Need to Consider

Your Email List
Your list of email recipients will start with your existing clients, and any friends or family, staff, referral partners, or other business acquaintances you wish to include. Your tax software can help you export a .CSV file / spreadsheet of your client emails, which you can either securely upload in the Getting Started Wizard discussed above (recommended), or email to us.

Please note that all clients included in your list to email must have done business with you within the last 2-3 years; and any included leads must have personally opted in to receive email specifically from you/your business. We cannot email to purchased lists on your behalf, due to spam regulations, and our email delivery software's requirements. And, as hard as we will be working to help you get more appointments with new clients (as well as previous or existing clients), cold emails to purchased lists notoriously hurt you far more than they help.

Our (Your) Privacy Policy
We will NEVER rent, trade, sell, give away or otherwise share your clients' information with any third party outside of your documented request. (This "documented request" clause simply means that the only third party we DO share it with is necessarily our Infusionsoft email delivery software's highly secure server). We take your clients' privacy VERY seriously (just like you--trust is the foundation for OUR business), which is why we invest so much in secure software.

Your "Sending" Email Address
First, we recommend you have us send your emails from an email address that "looks" like it's coming from you or whomever is the primary face of your business ... but which is actually received and processed by an assistant or another team member on your behalf. For example, if you primarily use email address "your[first]", consider setting up a "your[full]" account for sending these emails, which first goes directly to your assistant's inbox. 

Secondly, your email address should be on your business' own domain (, rather than that of an email service provider (like,,, etc.). This is primarily for technical reasons (it's necessary for your emails not being blocked as spam); but has the added benefit of giving you a more professional image, and driving a little extra (good) traffic to your website.

Editing Your Emails
Your weekly emails are written to need no further work on your part beyond simply approving them "as is" each week. And most of our clients do just that, and benefit greatly from it. However, your emails are fully editable

And, if you're up for adding a sentence or few from week to week about goings-on in your business, office, family life, staff's lives, or local community, you can often see even greater readership and response to your emails. We encourage you to think of one little thing each week or so that you can add to the beginning of your emails. But this is not necessary to succeeding with the service -- it is intended to be completely done-for-you. 

The Foremost Marketing Team In North America For Independent
Tax & Accounting Firms Since 2007

15+ year veterans of the tax and accounting industry — with a focus on digital marketing — the TaxProMarketer team has established a reputation for straight-talk and results on behalf of members and subscription-level clients.  Collectively, our team have become widely-followed voices and the foremost marketing team to the industry.

TaxProMarketer was established in May of 2007 in response to increased demand for real-world, relationship-building (and profit-producing) tools for use in the tax and accounting industry. Currently, TaxProMarketer staff serves clients all across the United States and Canada who use their services to build relationships with their prospects & existing clients, as well as to grow the value of their business (for immediate cashflow and future sale-ability) by utilizing these tools.

TaxProMarketer is an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, a Digital Marketer Certified Agency, and a Yelp Certified Partner.

Having founded and sold his first business by the age of 30, CEO Nate Hagerty (a member of Mensa) was a multi-year CPA Practice Advisor “Top 40 Under 40” honoree (sadly, now past 40!), has been published widely in industry publications, and is the author & editor of two bestselling books (Breaking the Tax Code, Vols. 1 & 2). He is married, and has six children, four of whom he and his wife adopted from Ethiopia and Uganda.

The Best Client Support We Have To Offer

As a fully-featured member (even in your trial), you'll be able to contact our Customer Happiness team via email (, chat (on and phone (913-674-5965). These folks know exactly how socia media and email marketing works and will explain how to solve whatever problem you're having. If they don't have an answer right away, they'll find one and get you back on the road to success as quickly as possible.

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If for whatever reason our services do not satisfy you in any way, simply cancel your account by sending us an email to: within 30 days from purchase and we'll automatically process your refund, no questions asked!