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I Thought of You Yesterday Morning

I was at a business/prayer meeting yesterday morning (yes, weird combination for some, but I roll with it), and I was thinking about how small business owners become clients, for businesses like yours. Folks at this meeting were praying for their clients' success and general welfare (something we do around here too), as well as

Making Your Appointments Pay More

I'm writing from sunny Hilton Head Island, my family and I taking a much-deserved rest from all of our world traveling ... to travel some more! (editor -- probably should work on the logic there!) And for my daughters, who have never seen the ocean, it's been an incredible week of "firsts". I wish we

How Can I Tell You This Story?

I'm wracking my brain for how I can concisely tell you the story of my time here in Africa, and how to tie it up in an actionable strategy for how you can grow your firm. But, if you'll pardon the cliche, words are failing this ol' copywriting expert, for once! I've actually kept my

When Your Daughters Are on the Other Side of the Ocean...

If you've been a long-time reader of these emails, you know about how we've formed our family thus far. [And a side note -- do YOUR clients and prospects know your personal stories? It's one of the foundational principles for what we do ... to help you create the kind of true bond with your

Responding To Fear

The Dow tumbled the other day, the jobs numbers from today STINK, and a whole new round of fear is gripping the marketplace. What will you do about it for your business? Well, here's a simple place to start: You have a veritable goldmine of profits available to you, and you may not even know

Tax Firm Website Tips

About 18 months ago, I was invited to speak to a small group of high-level estate planning lawyers about web marketing and prospect follow up -- and how critical it is for those in their profession -- AND for tax and accounting professionals. (Truly, because consider: Besides TurboTax, do your clients EVER pull the trigger

Segmenting Your Tax Clients for Better Marketing

Hopefully, you've taken the time to take a close look at the REAL demographic data within your client list. Unlike many businesses, you have a wealth of this sort of data on your clients, simply because of the nature of what you do. So what do you do with it? Last week, I said "profit",

Email Marketing for Tax & Accounting Professionals

There's a reason why most tax & accounting professionals think email marketing doesn't work: They don't do it right. Shoot, I don't blame them! After all, those tax tips which come with your commoditized website are handy, and may as well send out that monthly newsletter, right? After all, it's "free" -- part of the

What You Should Be Doing In Your Tax Firm Now

  By now, the dust has settled from busy season. How are you feeling about yours? (Would love a quick note, on how you're doing, and feeling!) We're getting notes from clients, thanking us for the work we did on their behalf -- and nothing makes me happier than to know that we've served you

A Quick Resource For You

This week's coaching call for clients only reminded me that I wanted to send you this resource. I mentioned it a couple weeks ago in a blog, in fact. Here's why: At this point, chances are that you've completed a decent number of returns, and you've got a bunch more in the queue. Are you