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A Resource For The Final 25 Days

At this point, chances are that you've completed a decent number of returns for your clients, and you've got a bunch more in the queue. Are you thanking them? This is an often-overlooked strategy for "sticking" your clients, and there's usually a great reason for it--you're slammed! But if you miss this base, you're missing

Tending Your Herd

November is right around the corner ... and how are your relationships with clients just about now? Do they eagerly anticipate hearing from you -- on MORE than their particular tax or books questions? Now is the time to do something about building momentum within your list before tax season, because if you wait until


So, we received this note from a client last Friday, and we asked for permission to re-print it in full. It speaks to a couple things I want to emphasize to you today...[emphasis added] I do not remember if I conveyed this to you or not. When I sent out my tax organizers, on the

I Thought of You Yesterday Morning

I was at a business/prayer meeting yesterday morning (yes, weird combination for some, but I roll with it), and I was thinking about how small business owners become clients, for businesses like yours. Folks at this meeting were praying for their clients' success and general welfare (something we do around here too), as well as

I Just Met My Daughters

Last week, I wrote about how we were going to Uganda to pick up our daughters ... well, I write you from Kampala now -- and today, we brought the second of our daughters, Hope (age 5), into our care here ... for good. Two nights ago, we met Lily (age 8 ) for the

Tax Firm Website Tips

About 18 months ago, I was invited to speak to a small group of high-level estate planning lawyers about web marketing and prospect follow up -- and how critical it is for those in their profession -- AND for tax and accounting professionals. (Truly, because consider: Besides TurboTax, do your clients EVER pull the trigger

Email Marketing for Tax & Accounting Professionals

There's a reason why most tax & accounting professionals think email marketing doesn't work: They don't do it right. Shoot, I don't blame them! After all, those tax tips which come with your commoditized website are handy, and may as well send out that monthly newsletter, right? After all, it's "free" -- part of the

What You Should Be Doing In Your Tax Firm Now

  By now, the dust has settled from busy season. How are you feeling about yours? (Would love a quick note, on how you're doing, and feeling!) We're getting notes from clients, thanking us for the work we did on their behalf -- and nothing makes me happier than to know that we've served you

A Quick Resource For You

This week's coaching call for clients only reminded me that I wanted to send you this resource. I mentioned it a couple weeks ago in a blog, in fact. Here's why: At this point, chances are that you've completed a decent number of returns, and you've got a bunch more in the queue. Are you

Some tax marketing ideas for the end of this season

You're thick in tax season, so I wanted to send you some quick information which can make a real difference in the next 40 days or so we've got left. Much of this came out of our monthly Clients-Only coaching teleconference last week, and I wanted to pass along some quick tidbits for the rest