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The Little Choices Matter For Your Tax Business

"Little hinges swing big doors." It's one of Clem Stone's most famous aphorisms, and it's never been more true. The world has become even more dependent on the tiny choices we make since Mr. Stone was in his heyday in the 60's and 70's. It's the tiny decisions, the little tweaks, that you make NOW

Moving Forward After Busy Season

As usual, tax season provided quite a ride for us here, and for our clients -- I know you're resting, so I'll keep this brief. We have some really great stuff cooking for you this spring and summer, including, in a couple weeks, my interview with an extremely successful CPA practitioner that I've worked with

Congratulations, Tax Professionals!

What is once well done is done forever.    - Henry David Thoreau Tax season is OVER! Now the real work begins--securing your gains, shoring up your losses...and setting up your firm for surges in offseason revenue, and longer-term health for your firm through the next few years. We'll talk about that more in the next