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On Building A Real Herd

It's one thing to have a client list. It's a whole 'nother thing to have a responsive and loyal list. That's what we call around here a "herd". So, how do you build that kind of loyalty? A bunch of ideas for you today... 1. Personality One of the first things you need to understand

A Quick Note

Many of our clients and contacts (and, probably you) are knee-deep in extension work today, so I'm keeping this short and pertinent for what you and your staff should focus on NEXT week... 1) Be sure to reach out to extension clients with a sincere "thank you". It's easy to let this step slide during

Link-In THIS

If you're NOT using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. ... it may feel like you're being left to the side while the cool kids party. I'm here to tell you--you may actually be smart. You see, these sites (and other social media) can become just one big mesh of various time-wasting social hangouts. Too many, in

Tax Firm Leprosy

There's a curious disease in the tax professional community. One which we've been steadily eradicating on behalf of hundreds of tax pros throughout North America. It's called commoditized relationships. And I'm going to be real blunt here, so put on your grown-up pants. This condition stems from a simple source. Ease. Sure, it's "easy" to

Tax and Accountant Website Essential Strategy

School is back -- and the ramp-up to tax season is about to begin in earnest. Are you ready? Earlier this week, I was invited to present to the National Large Tax Practice Group (website here, and an impressive organization, worthy of your checking out -- if your practice fits). They invited me to speak about

He Said it Would Be "Suicide"... He Was Wrong

Sometimes the "experts" are just plain wrong. (And I will include myself and my staff in that statement -- only YOU know your business best!) And, of course, many times we stubbornly stick to our guns, and we don't accept advice or tools from those who truly *do* know best. Just over one month ago,

How Can I Tell You This Story?

I'm wracking my brain for how I can concisely tell you the story of my time here in Africa, and how to tie it up in an actionable strategy for how you can grow your firm. But, if you'll pardon the cliche, words are failing this ol' copywriting expert, for once! I've actually kept my

When Your Daughters Are on the Other Side of the Ocean...

If you've been a long-time reader of these emails, you know about how we've formed our family thus far. [And a side note -- do YOUR clients and prospects know your personal stories? It's one of the foundational principles for what we do ... to help you create the kind of true bond with your

Back In My Young Life Days...

There's a good chance you're looking at the WRONG problem in your business You see, before I worked with service professionals (about ten years ago), I hung around with a bunch of high school kids. No, I wasn't trying to relive the HS "glory" days! I coached lacrosse and football, and did a bunch of

Responding To Fear

The Dow tumbled the other day, the jobs numbers from today STINK, and a whole new round of fear is gripping the marketplace. What will you do about it for your business? Well, here's a simple place to start: You have a veritable goldmine of profits available to you, and you may not even know