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NEW: Affordable, Targeted Direct Mail For Tax Professionals

Yesterday, we demonstrated a (free to use) tool which might just be the silver bullet you've been looking for to grow your tax business. I don't throw those words around lightly, but as I mentioned on yesterday's webinar: If this had been around when I was running the marketing for our tax business, we would have

A Needed Reminder

You're vastly more important -- and powerful -- than you think you are. I was pointed to a great film recently, by my friend Perry Marshall, called the Miracle of Pittron. It's about a Piitsburgh metal foundry plant manager named Wayne Alderson, who said: "People who own and manage companies have huge potential to influence the

A Simple Matrix For Managing Your Tasks In The Rush Of Tax Season

Sometimes clients will ask me or my staff how we get so much stuff done, and how we are able to serve hundreds of clients by hand (when so many other "gurus" or marketing service firms either spit you through some sort of automated system, or are terrible about getting back with you. PLUS, we've

Time For You To Make Some Offers Pt. 2

Every year, while directing the marketing for a multi-million dollar tax firm, I broke down our marketing plan in 3 key areas: 1) Existing Client Retention As you no doubt have realized, you CANNOT "assume" that your existing clients will come back to you this tax season. That's especially true if you don't have any

Time For You To Make Some Offers Pt. 1

I usually touch base with you on Fridays, but I'm flying to NYC tomorrow morning for a long weekend with my wife. First time away from the (now four!) kids for any extended period of time. We're going for the launch party for my great friend's book, A Walk Across The Sun, which is going

Holiday Hours, And A Meditation

First, some quick business for clients, and those who might be contacting our office in the next few days... Our offices are closed today and Monday, which  means that those of you who use our email marketing service will not see your emails posted until Tuesday (I don't write them ahead of time, preferring to

The First Time She Is Celebrated...

As I mentioned in the title, my daughter, Lily, turns 8 today. We adopted her this summer from Uganda, and she was found at a very young age at a refugee camp on the border of Sudan. Until this summer, she had spent her entire life in a large orphanage in a small town in

Six Marketing Musts For Tax Season

I have a short admonition for you today. Prepare your marketing for tax season now. It's very tempting to take this time between the just-completed extension season and the beginning of January to rest and let what comes of tax season be of the harvest which you may have reaped from last year, and over the

What To Do Right Now Before Tax Season

My wife and I piled the kids into the Suburban and made the cross-country trek back to Charlottesville, Virginia (where we lived for 10+ years) for a wedding. We've already had a fantastic trip (yes, four kids in the car did GREAT), but it's true: you can never really "go back". The kid at the

Tending Your Herd

November is right around the corner ... and how are your relationships with clients just about now? Do they eagerly anticipate hearing from you -- on MORE than their particular tax or books questions? Now is the time to do something about building momentum within your list before tax season, because if you wait until