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Tax Firm Marketing Tasks To Focus On Right After Tax Season

By now, the dust has settled from busy season 2012. How are you feeling about yours? Now really is the time for you to take a step back, evaluate your successes (and failures), and take a clear-eyed look at how you and your firm will improve for next tax season, bring in additional revenue during

I'm Writing a Big Check to the IRS -- Don't Forget

I hope you've been taking my advice and that you've been going after Procrastinators the past two weeks. Look -- you still have four days, and it's not too late! (You may not believe me on that, but we once had an ad hit on the 13th -- when the deadline was the 15th --

Stories Like This Popping Up Everywhere -- Where's Yours?

Unlike a significant percentage of your clients, you may not have a procrastinating bone in your body. I've worked with hundreds of tax professionals during my years in this industry, and while *some* of them fly through tax season in a disorganized, caffeine-induced haze, MOST have their ducks in a pretty good row, when it

A Resource For The Final 25 Days

At this point, chances are that you've completed a decent number of returns for your clients, and you've got a bunch more in the queue. Are you thanking them? This is an often-overlooked strategy for "sticking" your clients, and there's usually a great reason for it--you're slammed! But if you miss this base, you're missing

Owner-Level Tasks For The Final Month

Now that the March 15th deadline is behind us (phew!), it's time to head into the home stretch of tax season. At this stage of the game, it's tempting to let things slide their way home, across the plate, if you will. But if you want to look back on tax season as the runaway

A Simple Matrix For Managing Your Tasks In The Rush Of Tax Season

Sometimes clients will ask me or my staff how we get so much stuff done, and how we are able to serve hundreds of clients by hand (when so many other "gurus" or marketing service firms either spit you through some sort of automated system, or are terrible about getting back with you. PLUS, we've

[Classic Hagerty] Monetizing Your Phone During Tax Season

I *just* got back from Palm Springs, meeting with one of my marketing mentors, and while I was there, one of the things I thought about was the importance of having CLEAR goals in mind for every client interaction which you or your office has. And I was reminded of this piece we posted a while

What Tax Business Owners Should Focus On Right Now

We had a rocking call earlier this week with our clients, with surprisingly strong attendance and participation for being in the thick of tax season. One of the primary points of discussion was: how do you maintain excellence and focus when the bullets are flying? If you weren't able to hear it, allow me to

Time For You To Make Some Offers Pt. 1

I usually touch base with you on Fridays, but I'm flying to NYC tomorrow morning for a long weekend with my wife. First time away from the (now four!) kids for any extended period of time. We're going for the launch party for my great friend's book, A Walk Across The Sun, which is going

Holiday Hours, And A Meditation

First, some quick business for clients, and those who might be contacting our office in the next few days... Our offices are closed today and Monday, which  means that those of you who use our email marketing service will not see your emails posted until Tuesday (I don't write them ahead of time, preferring to