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The Four Monthly Service Options With TaxProMarketer

Social Media Feed Program

Worry no more about finding good tax & financial content, responding to comments or building your audience
on Facebook.
We do it all for you.


Email Marketing Revolution

Relationship-oriented, direct-response weekly email marketing written by Nate Hagerty during the current week. Two separate tracks for 1040 clients and business/write-up clients and includes full auto-responder software, setup and maintenance.

$197 (or $297 for both tracks)

Print Newsletters That Get Read

Written, printed and mailed completely on your behalf (pricing options per piece), this is a monthly newsletter designed to look like YOU actually wrote it (and not some cheesy "marketing firm"). Includes 7 involvement devices and monthly direct-response offers.


UXO & SEO-Optimized Full Online Marketing System

Complete, turnkey marketing system which includes aggressive SEO, updated UXO (user experience optimization), weekly blogging, all newsletter, email and social media services. A full firm online marketing platform to dominate your local online marketplace.



Biggest sin in online marketing: no Facebook presence.
Second biggest sin? A social media presence that hasn't posted in weeks or months.
With TaxProMarketer's social media feed program, every aspect of your Facebook presence is handled by an expert team who have been exclusively serving the tax industry since 2007. We invented the "social media management" niche within the industry, and have built hundreds of social media platforms for firms across North America.

Program includes:

  • Facebook Page setup and optimization

    * Customized cover images with calls-to-action
    * Setup for localized search optimization
    * Contact options and customized "about" sections

  • Daily+ content posting and ALL replies handled

    No longer waste time trying to come up with what to post on your social media accounts, as our team will post multiple times per day on your behalf AND handle all replies -- we only involve you when there is a lead to close or there is a specific client matter to attend to.

  • Audience building and continuous updates

    We leverage your existing client base, as well as localized search demographics to build your LOCAL fan and followers base on all platforms. Additionally, we pay attention to all TOS updates on every platform and optimize your strategy as a result. 

Monthly price: $97
Setup fee: $97

Unsolicited Reviews From TaxProMarketer Clients

"You guys have always done an excellent job for me. The Facebook [marketing] has paid for itself 10-fold -- definitely.  During my brief hiatus from your services, people were asking for it, and looking for the updates from it; even more than for the weekly emails, honestly, for my client list. I really want you guys to get back to work on Facebook and Twitter for me, as it was really working very, very well."

Ralf Heyer, EA

Miami, FL

"Nate and his crew do a great job of keeping up my social media! I'm uneducated on the whole area. They speak like I do and alert me of clients' posts. I'd be lost without them."

Lloyd Luethner, CPA

Green Bay, WI

"So glad that you convinced me to go over the edge and use email and social media has paid in spades for the continuous client communication even outside of regular tax season...when it is needed the most. Thanks. Implementing these two marketing medias has allowed me to "stay" in touch with my client base and actually get more referrals, thank you cards etc. then ever before."

John Walters, MBA, EA

St. Petersburg, FL


Having an effective email program undergirds EVERY successful online marketing platform. However, too many tax professionals haven't leveraged its power because they are stuck in the "Monthly Newsletter" paradigm. And that's too bad, because it is the foundation for skyrocketed growth for the best service firms online.
Our email marketing program is our flagship program and it is a full, done-for-you experience. We can work within your own Infusionsoft account, or (even better for you) there is no need for you to purchase any kind of email broadcasting platform whatsoever -- as we have created our own custom platform built off the Infusionsoft API.
Our emphasis is on relationship-oriented, weekly nurture emails that build deeper connections and which sell your services -- so that when the prospect is ready, there is simply no other option but for them to contact YOU.

Program includes:

  • Weekly, conversational nurture emails on topics immediately relevant to your target clients.

    * Includes separate tracks for 1040 clients and for business/writeup clients
    * Written in YOUR voice and personally by our CEO, Nate Hagerty, during the week they are sent, so they are fresh, timely -- and feel like you wrote them
    * TaxProMarketer clients can add any additional content they would like (with our staff's assistance), and approve or edit any content before broadcast
    * Content can be leveraged in other media

  • Custom "Landing Pages" and Lead Magnets so that you can rapidly build a response platform

    * Our team hand-builds a customized mini-website with its sole purpose to quickly grow your email list
    * Proven "Lead Magnet" strategy, fully customizable to client specifications, with your own E-Book, White Paper or Special Report

  • Full back-end support to create an email marketing machine

    * Personalize "auto-responder" sequence that welcomes new contacts and automatically sells your services
    * Personalized "thank you" sequence for after client work has been completed and which rapidly stimulates referrals, testimonials and cross-selling.
    * Client birthday greetings
    * Full list management and upkeep by TPM staff
    * Assistance in sending customized broadcasts whenever you desire.

Monthly price: $197
(Both tracks: $297)
Setup fee: $297


More Unsolicited Reviews From TaxProMarketer Clients

"I looked at my numbers through 
August this year and I have already surpassed my revenue for all of last year and that doesn't include any of my ancillary monies, just straight accounting & tax. So, just a thank you for doing such a great job."

Kyle Nagy, CPA

Kansas City, MO

“Your email marketing has retained every single client I wanted to retain (and then some). On top of the referrals I know it has generated, the notoriety I’ve established in my local market and the weekly compliments I receive from my clients, my plate is too full!”

Michael Dobrowski, CPA

Reno, NV

"The email program is a must.  The emails go out can edit them before they are sent.  I have received more comments, and referrals in the past few weeks than the sum total in all the years we have been in business from this service."

Tom Bass, EA

Costa Mesa, CA


Who knew, but in the age of online marketing everywhere -- that the old standy of a relationship-oriented PRINT newsletter (that is mailed, remember that?) can be one of the most valuable tools in your marketing arsenal. This was TaxProMarketer's first monthly service offering, and we have been providing monthly, done-for-you newsletters (customized, printed and MAILED on your behalf) since early 2007.
As you can see from the sample image below, the look and feel of this newsletter is specifically designed to NOT look like you hired some "fancy marketing firm" to brew up a slick newsletter, or that you subscribed to some kind of off-the-shelf solution -- instead, your clients and prospects feel like you went through a great deal of personal effort to put it together.
We have clients who have used this service since 2007, and it remains one of the most popular offerings we provide.

Program includes:

  • Hand-made, editable monthly newsletters in both Microsoft Word and Publisher formats.

    * Online editing tool also available through your easy-to-use member dashboard on
    * Seven "involvement devices" in order to get readers to call your offices, and connect further to your services
    * Monthly direct-response offers to add more revenue to your firm's bottom line.

  • Complete, white-glove service.

    * Full access to our optional per-piece printing services
    * Assistance in making customizations to content or adding your own personal flavor

  • Free lists of targeted prospects around your office

    * When using our mailing services, we will give you (for your perpetual use) a list of targeted prospects who match specified demographic parameters that you can follow up with in additional media

Monthly price: $97
Setup fee: $7 (one-month trial)

Even More Unsolicited Reviews From TaxProMarketer Clients & Friends

"I am getting 5-10 calls a week - I ask where they found us and all say online. This does not even count my referrals.
After only one year even having the site, this is how far we'e come.  At this rate, next year I will need to hire another full time tax preparer. You guys are THE BEST! And I get nothing but compliments about the website."

Michael Kessler, CPA

Long Island, NY

"During the space of just one recent month, we onboarded four new clients, each with five figures in annualized billings. And every one of them came through because of the website system."

Jon Neal, CPA

Milwaukee, WI

"Nate Hagerty [and TaxProMarketer] is an acknowledged expert at using print, email, social media and website marketing to grow any tax or accounting firm ... He reveals many of his strategies in his presentations and services, and they are a MUST for any tax or accounting pro who wants to grow their firm."

Brian Tracy

World-Renowned Business Success Coach


This is only for tax and accounting professionals who want a complete system to dominate their local online market. It includes a subscription to all of our monthly services, PLUS we create a full-featured firm website marketing system -- designed differently (and more effectively) than the "brochure-style" websites so common to the tax and accounting industry.

This is a system built for driving targeted traffic to your site, gathering the right leads, following up with them to convert them to clients -- and fully automated so that you don't have to do the hard work yourself (while retaining a personalized touch). We bring together every successful aspect of ALL of our monthly programs, and create a coherent "marketing machine" that you can be enormously proud of, and which brings you new business with regularity.

Since 2015, Google has placed significantly increased emphasis on "User Experience Optimization" (UXO) -- and all of our systems are built with this in mind. This program is our highest level of service, and represents the BEST way for a tax & accounting firm to grow their online marketing footprint.

Program includes EVERYTHING from all of our services PLUS:

  • Complete, "turn key" done-for-you custom website, built on Wordpress

    * Leverage the easily-customizable power of building on Wordpress (initially created as a blogging platform) so you can easily make changes to any component.
    * No "webmaster time" is ever charged for changes that you would like to make
    * Designed specifically to convert visitors into leads using our proprietary "lead magnets" to build your lists
    * Custom home-page video included

  • Local search, SEO and UXO Optimized

    * No "black-hat" SEO tactics -- just a setup that has been proven to increase your search rankings and incentivize searchers to click into your listings
    * Monthly, aggressive SEO updates to keep your rankings high
    * Weekly blogposts written and posted on your behalf to increase visits and conversions 

  • Full Mobile Marketing System

    * Complete "local search" setup so that your rank well within maps and localized search queries
    * FULLY responsive, and mobile-optimized for conversion even on handheld devices

Monthly price: $697
Setup fee:
$500 refundable deposit +
2 payments of $997

Our Online Marketing System also includes EVERYTHING else listed on this page
(Social Media Feed Program, Email Marketing Revolution and Print Newsletters That Get Read) --
so you have a full suite of marketing tools readily deployed completely on your behalf.
For much less than you would pay an employee or a marketing associate, this program enables TaxProMarketer to become your "Part Time CMO" and assist you in any marketing challenge that you face. 


10+ year veterans of the tax and accounting industry, with a focus on Internet Marketing and Direct Response media, the TaxProMarketer team has established a reputation for straight-talk and results on behalf of members and subscription-level clients, and become a widely-followed voice and the foremost marketing team to the industry.

    TaxProMarketer was established in May of 2007 in response to increased demand for real-world, relationship-building and profit-producing tools for use in the tax and accounting industry. Currently, TaxProMarketer staff serves clients all across the United States and Canada who use their services to build relationships with their prospects & existing clients, as well as grow the value of their business (for immediate cashflow and future sale-ability) by utilizing these tools.

    Having founded and sold his first business by the age of 30, CEO Nate Hagerty (a member of Mensa) was a multi-year honoree of the CPA Practice Advisor "Top 40 Under 40", has been published widely in industry publications, and is the author & editor of two Amazon Best-Selling books (Breaking the Tax Code, Vols. 1 & 2).
     He is married, and has six children, four of whom he and his wife adopted from Ethiopia and Uganda.