The Why-Behind and How-To for Raising Prices in Your Firm

Raising prices is becoming standard practice in businesses across America as inflation strikes and supply chains dry up. Couple that with the growing pressure on tax and advisory professionals all around the industry in the wake of 2020. It means now, more than ever, business owners and taxpayers are turning to you for help, even as the glaring issues at the IRS make the job harder than ever.

And that means you’re doing more and working harder — and your pricing structure needs to reflect that (for the sake of your longevity in the business). That’s right. It’s time to start raising prices.

In this new ProMarketer podcast, TaxProMarketer CEO Nate Hagerty and Vice President Christian Jones join Michelle Weinstein of The Abundant Accountant (aka The Pitch Queen) to talk about the why behind raising prices in your firm and exactly how to do it. 

Michelle and The Abundant Accountant team are dedicated to helping those in the tax and accounting industry grow their firms by making key shifts in pricing models to reduce stress and bring in quality clientele. You can schedule a call with them ( to talk the current state of affairs in your firm and the exact next steps to take to increase revenue THIS tax season.

Take an hour out of your schedule to get practical tips and insights into the why behind raising prices and the importance of placing real value on what you bring to the table for your clients.

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  • Expertise equals premium value – the right clients can see this
  • Why not to do things for free or be the second cheapest option on the market.
  • How to increase prices and retain clients.
  • Testimonials from fellow accountants about what really changes when you stop working non-stop for so little and start charging what you’re worth.

Connect with Nate Hagerty

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