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Riding the Tax Resolution Rocketship

While the culture war rages on (and yes, it’s pretty hot today) … there is an entirely different kind of storm on the horizon.

And tax professionals are perfectly primed for it … maybe.

And we’re seeing good things RIGHT NOW in the advertising data … and we’ve got some thoughts on what is coming for tax resolution services.

Hint: it’s going to be a BIG deal.

The head of Tax Resolution Academy (and longtime TaxProMarketer agency client) Dan Henn, CPA, offers his 10,000-foot perspective and how your practice can ride this rocketship — EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT AN EA or CPA.

As you must know … the expiration of the PPP, and the EIDL programs (and various sundry pandemic credits) will expose many zombie companies for what they are — and will inevitably create some 941 “issues”.

Not to mention the very likely recession to come.

But as you must know — this translates into an opportunity to be of great service. There will be thousands and thousands of taxpayers in distress with the IRS.

And they need YOU — the caring local professional … NOT the hyperdrive national sales outfits who are just looking for the next tally on their whiteboards.

The very good news is that we have been hitting upon some campaigns that are driving MAJOR leadflow for these services — right now.

We share all of that in this session as well as how you can set up your own campaigns for maximum conversions.


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• Resolution is a specialized service and shouldn’t just be included in tax preparation fees.

• Leverage this trend even if you don’t offer tax resolution services by creating a referral relationship with an EA.

• Properly constructed tax resolution Google Ad campaigns with exact keywords are getting lots of traction and engagement (up to 12% click-through rate, above 10% conversion rate).

• Institute multiple follow-up tactics – lead magnets, appointments, phone calls, social media interactions.

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