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One of Many Marketing Principles with Jassen Bowman

We hate to break it to you, but… 

The internet is not special. It’s just one of many marketing principles to lay hold of (albeit – a necessary one in this time).

At least, that’s what our guest Jassen Bowman, EA, asserts in this episode of the ProMarketer Podcast. He says it’s no different from any other offline marketing medium. 

Of course, tax and accounting firms still need a strong online presence and a plan for marketing to new and existing clientele. 

But despite all the fancy tips and tricks for how to market online, a lot of the tried-and-true marketing principles still apply to the internet. After all, why reinvent the wheel when it’s rolling just fine?

In this episode, Jassen Bowman joins TaxProMarketer CEO Nate Hagerty to discuss how fundamental marketing principles are more applicable than ever for both your online and offline marketing. As an Enrolled Agent, Jassen has presented over 500 live seminars and webinars to CPAs, EAs, and attorneys on the subjects of tax firm marketing, practice management, ethics, real estate, and taxpayer representation. He has authored over a dozen books for tax professionals and written for NSA’s Main Street Practitioner, NAEA’s EA Journal, AccountingWeb, and CPA Trendlines. 

Check out Jassen’s latest book, Profit Optimizers: 12 Big Ideas for a More Profitable Tax Firm, here:

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• Instead of squandering your time on an initial consultation, create a process to determine if that prospect is even qualified to do business with you.

• When you don’t want to disappoint your loyal, but lower-paying clients but you want to charge higher fees, make a plan to transition them to higher fees or make a plan internally to free up the head CPA from doing tax compliance for them.

• You should be networking with other professionals (other financial industry people) because they all know possible clientele… and then put them on your email marketing list.

• As tax preparation moves more and more toward automation, if you don’t diversify in your practice, you won’t survive in the industry.

This episode is brought to you by TaxProMarketer, a leading marketing agency serving CPA & tax firms. It was established in May of 2007 in response to increased demand for real-world, relationship-building (and profit-producing) marketing tools for use in the tax and accounting industry.

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