Finding Passion Through All Tax Seasons

Though the last three tax seasons have brought tax pros like you to your knees pleading for relief, to make it through, you’ve got to remember it’s not about you. This is about your customers. 

And to serve them well in future tax seasons (and beyond), you need to find passion for what you do, something Roger Knecht of the Buiding the Premiere Accounting Firm podcast says is an imperative for moving forward in this industry. As president of the Universal Accounting Center (a multimillion accountant advising firm ranked in Inc’s top 500 list for growth rate) with 20 years in the industry, he knows a thing or two about burnout and getting past it. Listen in as he shares with TaxProMarketer CEO Nate Hagerty about adding advising in tax practices, creating workplace boundaries, gaining proficiency, broadening services, and more. 

Because if you find your passion, you’ll help your clients legally avoid tax liabilities they are (or could be) facing, and you’ll find ways to offer them value beyond simply filing their taxes in regular tax seasons. 

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• Move past just tax preparation – dive into tax planning, tax resolution, cost segregation, or R&D tax credit services

• Be proficient at what you do beyond the minimum – do programs, find experiences… whatever it takes to look a business owner in the eye and offer them value

• Remember, keep growing and allow your journey to happen in natural stages so you can find where to settle along the way.

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