An Enduring Accounting Practice Depends on Pricing Structure with Michelle Weinstein

With inflation in the air, it seems only natural to talk about PRICING with you. Specifically, yours.

Regardless of the inflationary realities you and your clients are facing, how you price your services is one of the best things that you can be looking at right now.

Recently Nate Hagerty, CEO of TaxProMarketer, hosted Michelle Weinstein (aka “The Pitch Queen”) for one of his agency-clients-only office hours sessions, and she brought the house down as she coached up a few TPM clients LIVE on how they priced within their practice and the shifts that are possible when that shift is made.

And the ProMarketer Podcast has been planning to have her back even before the recent surges in price pressure across the economy.

Looking ahead to where the tax and accounting world is going, practitioners MUST realize that commodification of the simple return and the falling away of pandemic-related SBA and IRS weirdness will result in pressure on practices that haven’t figured out how to serve a higher-level client.

And raising your fees is only part of the recipe.

So, to get through burnout, you’ll need to commit to some positive changes in how you operate within your practice.

Listen in as host Nate Hagerty and guest Michelle Weinstein discuss how to properly and effectively change your pricing structure and set up your practice for the future world.

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• People pay you for the value of the outcome you deliver, not your time, and that’s why you need to change your pricing structure.

• When you raise your fees, clients become very responsive and proactive, you reach revenue goals faster, and you don’t need as many clients to achieve your revenue goals.

• Simple system to a more profitable firm: package pricing, presentation to clients, and payment collection at the start of the service.

• Clients should have a relationship with everyone in the office to see the best results.

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