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Accounting & Tax Services Done Right with Andrea MacDonald

With the 2023 tax season upon us… do you find yourself appreciating working in accounting & tax services or is it more like the onset of dread as you’re faced with the possibility of 12+ hour work days?

Somewhere over the years, tax and accounting pros fell into this bad habit of discussing our work like it was those horrible fraternity or sorority hazings back in college: “If I have to suffer every tax season, so will you!”

But wait — aren’t a lot of us our own bosses? Small business owners operating our own practices? 

Surely there’s a better way to structure our accounting and tax services — one that involves giving superior care and attention to amazing clients WITHOUT the headache of being stretched thin serving clients who complain all the time…?

In this episode, Nate Hagerty interviews Andrea MacDonald, CPA: a mom, wife, and accounting nerd who founded Pro Tax & Accounting LLC. Through accounting services, tax planning, and tax return preparation, Andrea and her team help small business owners resolve cash flow issues, A/R issues, A/P issues, and a whole lot more. Andrea specializes in supporting other small business owners during their entrepreneurial journey.

If you’re unhappy with your current workflow (or you’re building your own practice), you’ll want to hear how Andrea has gone from being overworked and underpaid to doing meaningful work with fewer clients AND — get this — being paid what she’s worth.

You can find Andrea here:

Twitter: @andreamacdcpa

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• Don’t price competitively — price what you’re worth.

• Charging clients upfront (with fixed fees) is a GAME CHANGER.

• If your practice is still in the building phase, consider this: What do you want your life to look like? Build the practice around that.

• Think about ways to scale back your number of clients — and scale UP the quality of your accounting & tax services.

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