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Take a look at this short video below, which I've prepared for you ...

Look -- not only do you have the intense demands of working *in* your tax and accounting business, you know, deep in your gut, that you need to spend more time working *on* your business ... but where will you find the time?

That’s where we come in, .

My expert staff and I are committed to assisting YOU in growing your client and prospect list -- and giving you the simple tools and strategy to extract maximum sales and value from it!  We take all the hassle of having to stay on top of the rapidly-accelerating marketing landscape, coach you through it -- AND do much of it completely for you!

You see, right now, your best possible investment is in the marketing of your tax and accounting firm. It’s resoundingly NOT the stock market, or other formerly-reliable repositories for your investment dollars. And this is actually just as true during the really good times -- investing in your client list and  in your business creates returns which FAR outweigh real estate, the market, bonds or shaky start-ups.

And, yes, the most valuable asset (by far) in your business, is NOT your professional knowledge, your staff, your building or your equipment--it’s your clients, and your relationship with them. During shaky times (and good times), clients migrate to value. And that value doesn’t have to be about “cheap”! In fact, when there is a real, personal relationship which you've developed with your prospects and clients, you’re able to charge higher fees -- not because you’re merciless -- but because the market rewards value.

And your clients DO value you now! But imagine how much more they would...

  • Refer new business to you…
  • Stay on with you for years and years…
  • Happily turn to you for additional, profitable services…
  • See you as a critical part of their personal and business lives (their Trusted Advisor)
  • Etc., etc…

... when you’ve set up the right systems to automatically ATTRACT clients to your firm, and grow your relationship with them. A relationship built on trust and value -- and one which is scale-able, so that it doesn't require you sitting down with each person over coffee! Though, sure, do that too. It’s nice 🙂

So we’ve created this membership site to be a valuable resource for you,  -- to help you magnetically attract prospects to your firm, grow your relationships with clients AND prospects, and to help you add additional, proven and profitable “marketing channels” for your business.

We add new services every year, but we’re already known throughout the country for providing high-quality, sales-exploding marketing tools which are designed to look and feel like YOU created and provided them -- instead of that “off the shelf” glossy crap, which isn't worth much anyway.

Here's what you now have access to, as a Free Member...

  • Our “Done for You” Print Newsletter Area, with which you can begin sending referral-exploding newsletters next month! For a subscription fee (with a $3 trial), you may also receive these newsletters, weeks in advance, in fully-editable Word and Publisher formats. Plus, you receive a $100 credit towards our white-glove printing & mailing service for those newsletters. But free members are able to access our PDF-Generator dashboard, and have us print and mail on your behalf, at will. 
  • The "What's Working Now" Marketing Intelligence Center, where we post authoritative and researched tips and strategies for using various marketing platforms and growing your tax business. All with a seasonal focus, because we know that different times of the year require different strategies for growing your firm. (Concierge clients receive a full, ongoing archive of these postings.)
  • Free Resources for Your Firm, where we post outside product and service recommendations for busy tax & accounting professionals, as well as a collection of downloadable, fully-licensed-for-your-use marketing pieces and tools, many of which are replicas of those actually used to grow the tax firm I directed the marketing for, which grew from $50K in revenue to over $4.3 million (in tax prep fees alone) in less than ten years.
  • First access to our periodic Authors & Experts Interview Series (announced via email), all designed to help you grow your revenue (whether through tax services or other, profitable services), manage your "inner game" as a business owner and leader, and help you to extract more profit from your existing services.

Additionally, for a subscription fee, you may also access our other "Done-For-You Services", which include:

  • Daily, Completely Done-For-You Social Media posting (Facebook updates), designed to turn social media "likes, followers and connections" into a deeper relationship, and, ultimately, into paying clients. Plus, it's continually-updated so that you don't have to stay on top of the rapidly-changing social media landscape.
  • A Full Online Marketing Website Marketing System, integrated with social media and email marketing -- including local-market-dominating Search Engine Optimization, blogging, and a variety of other features designed to dominate your local online marketplace and attract the best new clients to your firm. (This service is by invitation only, because of local market dynamics, and that it is so comprehensive in scope.)
  • Print Newsletter RevolutionSee above. The paid subscription includes a print credit, as well as Word and Publisher versions for you to print on your own.

Congratulations! You've take a small step by joining our community of Tax Pro Marketers -- and the ride has only begun! Check your email, and we'll continue to be in touch.

God bless you, and your firm, !

Nate Hagerty
Founder & CEO