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We've selected a handful of designs from which our members have seen success online. Some are more up-to-date than others, but each of them employ the best of web layout strategies tested heavily by expert internet marketers, and now by a variety of tax/accounting firms like yours from across the country as well.

Rest assured that any of these designs should work very effectively within the overall marketing approach we'll be executing for your firm. All will be very heavily loaded with SEO-dynamite built in throughout, and top-notch marketing copy catered to your business' services.

If you'd like us to choose for you, just let us know that's your preference below, and we'll take it from there.

We also have a wide variety of colors and background textures available for each layout design, so you'll be able to select this once you've chosen the layout-foundation you prefer. We can also match the color theme to your firm's logo.

For those with something different in mind, the layout possibilities are essentially limitless which our team can produce for you. If you'd like us to build a brand-new site design from scratch for your firm, based even more entirely around its logo for example, or anything highly particular you have in mind, this option is available, for a "hyper-customized" setup fee installment of $500 additional. Again, just let us know if this is your preference, and we'll be happy to work with you directly and more intensively on it, to accommodate whatever you have in mind.

Now, enjoy flipping through the intentionally-limited options we've provided here (we find that more than a handful of design options tend to quickly become unnecessarily overwhelming), and choosing the one that strikes you as right for your business.

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