Point Your Old Website to Your New

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If you did not have a pre-existing website before signing up with TaxProMarketer's services, please skip this step by clicking Mark Complete below.

Redirecting your old URL to your new website is one of the most important factors in the success of your website's initial launch. Within the SEO world, one of the main ways search engines rank your website's authority is based on how much traffic it receives. If you have existing links to your old website still on other sources around the web, on print materials, or otherwise, those need to be directed to your new website in order for you to begin receiving traffic.

Additionally, having more than one website for the same business typically confuses search engines as to which is authoritative, and as a result, the newer one or both of them get knocked down in their rankings. For these reasons, it is vital for us to point your old URL to your new website.

This process is very simple and painless, and can be reversed at any time should you decide to discontinue your website services with TaxProMarketer. All we need to do this on your behalf is the website your URL is hosted on (i.e. godaddy, 1and1, HostGator, etc.) and your username and password for that website.


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