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Watch the video below to see our process for determining your best SEO-optimized URL (or click Read Transcript under the video for a text version).

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At TaxProMarketer, we build your website to be optimized for search engines from the ground up. The first place be begin is with your URL, otherwise called your Domain Name.

There are three main factors that help us determine your best SEO-optimized URL.

The first is determining your most profitable Market Area. For this, specificity is crucial for SEO, so we first begin by researching search traffic in the city your office is located in.

If there is insufficient traffic there, we next look to see if your largest neighboring city would be an option, both for the amount of search traffic it receives and the likelihood that prospects from that city would choose your business if they found it through search.

Lastly, if there is still insufficient search results from your largest neighboring city, we then move to the county or metro that your office is located in.

If you have more than one market area, our strategy has proven most effective when we start by focusing on one location to gain search authority and traffic, then expand from there once initial traction is gained.

The next factor we look at is your business' keywords. Simply put, we determine the best balance of the services or niche that you offer, the average search traffic that each of those terms receive, and the likelihood that searches for those terms would to convert to sales.

The final factor we then take into account is the coherence of your URL options: Is the URL available? Is it too long? Does it look quality to search engines? If you tell it to a prospect on the street, will they be able to remember it?

When all three of these factors are taken into account, we send you the top three URL choices for you to choose, your ultimate URL.

If you haven’t received your URL options from our SEO specialist yet, just sit tight. We're busy doing customized keyword research on that for you right now, but she'll be in touch soon with our findings, and will give you all the details you need for that. Once you receive those suggestions, you can submit your URL choice here, using the form below, to move on to the next step of your setup.

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