Kai is innovative, resourceful & results-driven. He is the Mr. Brightside of business challenges for his critical thinking, and specializes in digital advertising & website development. Equipped with knowledge, creativity, and out-of-the-box thinking, he’s the guy that helps us bring your business to another level of success.

Kai started out in digital advertising and marketing as a Social Media Assistant. From that point on, he improved his knowledge and skills in Advertising and Marketing. The specific skillset he acquired allow him to be an effective and skilled Digital Advertising and Marketing Strategist.

In his free time, he is the head chef of his family, always trying and experimenting on new dishes for his family (most of the time they love it). He enjoys trying to learn new things with friends and family — whether it’s learning how to do a cross stitch or how to restore a car. Together with his wife and his fraternal brothers, they also organize different community services, outreach programs, medical and dental missions, gift giving projects or a simple tree planting service, to give back to the community.