Is this getting missed because of tax season insanity?

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You’re not alone.

Many of our TaxProMarketer agency clients are BURIED with client problems, shifting deadline issues, lack of IRS guidance, SBA confusion, and (of course) the normal tax season triage.

(Which, by the way, is a great way to look at things — triage, that is. Identify the key deadlines and prioritize accordingly. You have 3 years to capture refunds for 1040 clients — whereas 941’s, annual reports, et al wait for no man.)

But based on what I’m also seeing, there is a good chance that you are losing or aggravating GREAT clients and/or prospects in the midst of it all.

Simple data points for me: When my team contacts an agency client of ours, the harried (verging on rude) phone answer … the juicy lead reports that we see pouring through our systems — and then hearing from the client that they didn’t have time to meet with that prospect … and more.

Sometimes, when the heat gets turned up, we lose perspective.

But there are simple tweaks that can change everything.

On Wednesday of last week, we conducted an internal, agency-clients-only “office hours” webinar on “Solving Your Sales Problems,” and we recorded it and made it available to all members of our website.

If you’ve signed up as a free member on our website, you HAVE access to our (free) members area. I encourage you to explore what’s in there, and once you have logged in, to check out Wednesday’s sales training session. (If you haven’t yet signed up, it would be worth your while to do so for access to all of the free resources available there.)

Once you’ve logged in, go to the “Office Hours” section, and watch this very helpful session. On it, my team and I offered some very simple “openers” for client meetings and phone calls that might make all the difference in your client/prospect relationships.

(While participation in these webinars is limited to current clients, we record them for public consumption.)

Don’t allow the tyranny of the urgent to keep you from the big picture of nurturing client relationships and onboarding great prospects.

Because you might be shutting the door on 5-figure retainer clients to wrap up a $300 tax return.

Even worse, you might be getting so locked into “filling out forms” that you miss the big picture of serving your people well and leading your team.

Hang in there. Your clients need you — and so does the future of your practice.

And if you need to talk through any of this stuff, we’re here for you.

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