[DOWNLOAD] Guerilla Gift Certificate

I still remember when we first rolled out this strategy in our 12 (soon to be 15) market areas. We weren't sure it would actually work ... but then the results came in.

29-1 ROI.

This little puppy (and others like it) is an extremely profitable way to grow your tax business "on the cheap". Simply go into local merchants around your office(s), and ask to leave a stack of these by their cash register, or any high-trafficked area. The trick is to ask the right person AND to identify merchants which fit your target client profile.

Hire a high school kid to do this for you, or, if you're really hungry, do it yourself. But DO IT.

As I've always said: "I don't know ONE way to get 100 clients ... but I know 100 ways to get 1." This is one of the best.

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