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Welcome!We're thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with you to grow your business! We first need to walk you through a few setup items for your services with us so you can get started with your new marketing tools as soon as possible.

You've (wisely) subscribed to our Full Suite Marketing System, which includes your conversion-targeted Website, done-for-you relational Email Campaigns, fully managed Social Media Marketing, and access to a full suite of done-for-you print materials and templates, including your monthly Print Newsletter. You've made a very smart decision, securing the health of your business through this wild ride of an economy we're facing right now--and adding an entire, full-blown system for getting leads, making sales, stimulating referrals, and deepening client relationships, for life!

You’ll use this area of the TaxProMarketer website as your checklist of the items you’ll need to get started. And don't worry; we've worked hard to make your entire setup process as simple and “done-for-you” as possible. We’ll send you reminders of the things we’re still waiting for, and when you've completed an item, simply click the “Mark Complete” button to move on to the next area. To complete your setup faster, you can also navigate to each item at your convenience from the main Setup area.

On that note, go ahead and click on "Submit Your Marketing Profile" below to get started. And again, congratulations on making a great decision for the success of your business, and welcome to TaxProMarketer!