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We want to make your newsletter even more profitable, by helping you use it to “farm” prospects in a radius around your office…and sell your services simply and easily with our Exclusive Newsletter.

That’s why we’re eating the cost to pay for qualified leads for your business when you send them just one month of our newsletter. (Frankly, it’s more effective when you send for multiple months, but we figured this was a great way to start).

Then…not only do these prospects get timely, friendly and authoritative information from you (NOT read as “advertising”), but these lists are yours to keep.

Market to them to your little heart’s content–they’ll be interested to hear from you, because you’ve already “softened the beachhead” by sending them your newsletter.

“How Do I Get These Free Leads?”

Simple. Send us an email to with the subject line: “Free Leads“.

Include any specific demographic information you’d like (gender, occupation, income levels, etc.) as well as the quantity, and we’ll grab a targeted list in a radius around your office.

We’ll add these folks to next month’s newsletter mailing, and you’ll be adding new clients that very month!