"Why does sending a monthly print newsletter make such a difference?"

First of all, it’s the quantity of the touches. Many believe that you can send a bi-monthly newsletter, but our research has definitively shown that there must be a MINIMUM of 10-12 “non-sales” PRINT touches with clients every year in order to obtain maximum value from a client list (direct-response marketing legend Dan Kennedy also suggests this as a baseline minimum).

Second, it’s the “personal-ness” (if you’ll pardon the new word) of the touch. You see, a BIG mistake many newsletter authors (even so-called “newsletter experts”) and business owners make when they undertake to provide a newsletter to their clients (always a good thing) is that they make it dry, boring and, here’s the killer -- more about THEM than about what the client really cares about.

So, sending this monthly “touch”, especially one carefully crafted by expert copywriters, “changes the game” and provides that systematic, strategic venue for building the relationship with the client.

Why else would so many of our clients be investing hundreds and, even, thousands of dollars EACH month in printing and mailing costs if they didn't see results? But fret not -- your investment, in the beginning, can be quite small and still achieve good results.