"Why are relationships with prospects worth investing in sending a print newsletter to them?"

Many service professionals don’t realize how profitable and valuable it is to STOP seeing their clients as yearly transactions, but rather to strategically and systematically build a stronger relationship with them. When you do this, your “client list” changes from being a simple list of names and becomes, instead, a profit-producing, lifestyle-sustaining “herd” … with YOU as the Rancher.

Through careful testing, and five years of implementation of these newsletters on behalf of tax and accounting professionals, we have observed significant rises in referrals, tax planning opportunities, retention rates and NEW clients being attracted to the firm, through the 4 different "viral triggers" which each newsletter contains.

Plus, there are multiple "involvement devices" in each issue, which encourages your clients to call you -- even during the offseason -- and enables you the opportunity to easily convert them into other, profitable services (tax planning, financial planning, bookkeeping, etc.)