"If I have you print and mail on my behalf ... how much does it cost?"

I bet you’re thinking that subscribing to this tool will cost you a fortune. I’m happy to tell you that it doesn’t.

I’ve spoken personally with business owners across a wide variety of different industries, real estate agents to car shop owners, dentists and mortgage brokers, and when I ask them if this sort of tool was expensive to use, they’d laugh at me. They laughed because they recognize the value more than they see the cost–it’s in their ever-increasing bottom line. To them, it’s not a “cost”, it’s an investment in continuous income and ever-growing market share. But I also realize you haven’t used this tool yet, so it’s a legitimate question.

Would you agree with me that the main reason you wouldn’t invest in this tool would be the money involved?

How Much More Money Do You Spend to GET a Client?

Many tax business owners and CPA’s I work with don’t even know this number, but if they were forced to break it out, it’s usually well into the three digits. Getting clients on the front end is expensive.

So what are you doing to keep them?

Many business owners blithely assume that once they’ve got a client, keeping them just requires maintaining their presence on their advertising list, and they’ll come back. This, even in the face of the cataclysmic changes occurring within the economy and our industry. They’re like the proverbial ostrich with its head stuck in the sand.

You, on the other hand, know that in marketing, you can’t “assume” anything. Many businesses, even those with small transaction sizes, are being forced to pay large percentages of the revenue from their clients to keep them. And they’re smart to do so.

So try this on for size– $1.88 a month. (Pricing varies according to how many letters you send)

And that price includes writing, printing, customizing, mailing AND postage!

Would you be willing to buy your client a pack of gum, even once a month? Because for the same price, you’re doing much more than ensuring their fresh breath!

For $1.88, you’re setting into place an organized structure for referrals, turning that $1.88 into $250.00+ real quick-like. For $1.88, you’re putting an “iron cage” around your client-ensuring that they’ll never want to leave you again. For $1.88 you’re transforming your business into a family-a family of clients who cheerfully pay you top dollar for additional services you provide. For $1.88, you’re creating additional revenue streams outside of the tax season, such that you’d never thought possible. All that for $1.88 a month … like one pack of gum a month. And that’s if you only have a few folks on the list. The price is even cheaper per client, when you’ve got more.

Why so cheap? I’ve passed on savings to you because of my pre-existing relationship with my print/mailhouse–they are willing to lose margin on this because they want to invest in this working well for you. His margin is tiny because he knows that when people start…it’s addictive, and they hardly stop. He makes up the margin on the eventual volume of my orders.

Here’s the breakdown on other quantities:

(includes writing, customization, printing AND postage)
Clients/Prospects Investment Each

Newsletters Sent Price Per Piece
100-299                        –> $1.99
300-999                        –>$1.88
1,000-1,999                –>$1.69
2,000+                          –>customized pricing