Coaching Opportunities

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Sometimes, it takes a little personal help to truly get your tax or accounting firm to the next level.

Whether it's starting from scratch, or building on an existing foundation, the truth is that many people need real-life interaction and assistance to grow their business quickly -- while maintaining the lifestyle they know to be possible. (Or, that they've HEARD is possible!)

But with all the information flowing around, it really is ironic that running (and building) a tax and accounting business can be one of the most LONELY occupations around. It is easy to feel that you're totally on your own ... left on your own to figure everything out for yourself.

And that can be REALLY overwhelming, to say the least. For many, real personal help from somebody who has been there ends up being the missing ingredient, that final push which puts them over the edge and makes the difference in their final success.

Some find this in the form of mastermind groups. Others want a results-based conversation with an expert.

The truth is that, for the last several years, I've mostly steered clear of doing one-on-one consulting. I’ve been asked to do it many, many times, but I was hesitant. I’m a big believer in leverage, which is why I usually produce services aimed to help people in groups. Help more people per unit of time, right?

But, those requests also show that many people still need that one-on-one help. Somebody who can listen to YOUR situation and advise accordingly.

Is a strategy session with me right for everybody? Of course not. You need to be a serious individual who is ready to see results - and ACT upon my recommendations (this is KEY).

What I Can Help With

Our strategy session together will be custom tailored to whatever you need to get going and grow your firm. This can include:

  • Analyzing your existing or proposed marketing pieces for design, conversions, and maximum leverage from the right media, target market and messaging.
  • Helping you with your overall strategic direction.
  • Going over your pricing, services and existing internal processes to maximize sales -- and profits.
  • Defining a strategy for increasing traffic to your website.
  • Opening new offices, growing local market share and identifying the "leaks" in your sales and year-by-year growth.
  • Identifying profit opportunities you may have missed.

The list goes on...

Why Nate Hagerty?

I witnessed firsthand what it *really* takes to grow a tax and accounting business to the multi-million dollar level, having directed the marketing for a regional tax empire which grew from $50K in annual revenue, to over $4.3 million in tax prep fees alone in less than ten years.

In addition, I've spoken to dozens of groups of tax professionals around the country and coached hundreds of tax professionals (in group settings, and one-on-one) in taking their firms to the next level -- some of whom found their firms bursting through the 7-figure barrier and beyond.

My outlook on growing a tax and accounting business comes from a real-world understanding of marketing and influence. Knowing what makes your clients tick, how to communicate to them -- and then putting that to use in a variety of media is where you find real results. I am a long-time student of human nature, internet marketing and business. I also happen to have a solid foundation in the technical side of how to execute your primary marketing and business growth tasks.

I will pull no punches (If you'll pardon me as I take a moment to float my own boat  here ... ). I know my stuff, and those who work with me come to find that out.

Schedule A Strategy Session With Me

If you are an independent tax/accounting professional (or a franchisee with a measure of leeway from "the home office"), who is serious about turning your seasonal work into something sustainable and long-term, or an established firm owner looking to put the right internet tools and other real-world marketing strategies to use to promote your business, then I can help.

My job is to help you with your strategies and tactics by talking with you in person, answering your questions, and giving you actionable help and advice on how to move forward and accomplish your goals.

My particular areas of expertise, of course, are in building marketing campaigns, using the internet and email marketing (as well as social media) and integrating direct-response strategies to explode the growth of existing businesses. I'm also able to speak authoritatively into sales training, expansion plans and referral generation for tax and accounting firms.

How This Will Work

The call that we’re going to have will be focused on one thing: Answering those burning questions you have and tackling those constraints keeping you from seeing the results you want.

What we’ll talk about will be up to you, in part. You’ll need to know what things you want to address and tell me what you want to get out of the call. And that’s what we’ll set out to do. You will be filling out a small questionnaire before we speak so that I understand your situation before we start.

The entire call will be recorded and made available to you, so you won’t need to remember everything or waste time taking gobs of notes.

We will arrange a time which mutually works for us both. I'm a family man, so my family does come first -- and I lead and manage a growing team of staff. But, I also have created for myself a pretty flexible schedule so I’m confident that we will work out a good time for our call.

Getting Started

My hourly rate for personal consultation is $450/hour.

If my hourly rate isn’t right for you, then you can continue to enjoy any of our resources and training, group coaching calls (currently available only to subscribers), or done-for-you services. With the group calls, I am able to leverage my time more efficiently, and provide extra value to our best clients -- so it saves money while granting a level of access to me and my team of experts. I will also always continue to share via my weekly Strategy Notes and blogposts for free. I do practice what I preach and I love to help others and interact via social media, and some limited email interaction (sometimes through my staff, often with me).

Personal, one-on-one consulting with me is a unique, customized experience where I am fully dedicated to you for that time frame.

To get started, here's what to do right now ...

1) Click a button below to invest in a block of time, or an in-person session.

2) My assistant or I will follow up with a questionnaire for you to fill out, after which we will schedule a time for our call (or your in-person, on-site consulting day).

3) At the scheduled time, we’ll do our thing. The end goal of our call or in-person training will be that your chief issue(s) have been addressed and you’ll have an action plan to follow up with.

4) As necessary, you can schedule additional calls or trainings with me.

30-Minute Session for $250

60-Minute Session for $450

Two 60-Minute Sessions or Four 30-Minute Sessions
for $800 
(best value)

In-Person Coaching With Nate (and Team)
In Kansas City, MO - 
$3000 (Payment Plan Available)

Limited Slots Available; A certain number of days are designated for private consulting per quarter for anyone wanting Nate to consult with them one-on-one in Kansas City. No expenses necessary.

You will travel to Kansas City and spend a full 8-hour day with Nate (and his staff) for advanced, personal, highly-customized training and strategizing for the marketing and growth of your firm. Lunch at one of Kansas City's finest restaurants included.

In-Person Coaching With Nate Hagerty At Your Location
$5000 + basic travel expenses (Payment Plan Available)

Limited Slots Available; A certain number of days are designated for private consulting per quarter for anyone wanting Nate to consult with them one-on-one at their location, first offered to existing clients. If any slots remain available, non-clients can apply for consideration by filling out the form below (refundable within 30 days of Nate's travel).

Nate Hagerty will fly out to your location  and spend a full 8-hour day with you and your staff for advanced, personal, highly-customized training and strategizing for the marketing and growth of your firm, plus staff and office layout analysis, sales training and internal process evaluations. Lunch at one of your city's finest restaurants included.