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[WWN] Return Review Press Release

Our clients who use our email marketing and print newsletters see us integrate "Free Return Review" offers into the emails around this time of year (one will be included in next week's email), and they often do quite well, in terms of response. But there's another way to stoke the flames. I've attached a document

[WWN] Direct Response Marketing -- The Big Picture

Although direct-marketing techniques have been used since the advent of the printing press, the definition that was set 89 years ago still holds true today: Direct-response marketing is a form of marketing designed to solicit an immediate response that is specific and quantifiable. You see this at work in every DRM channel: Online newsletter promotions

[WWN] 3 Ways To Increase Referrals From Professional Sources

If your referrals from local professionals are running dry, it might be time implement new strategies to nurture those professional relationships and keep business flowing again. Rather than just asking for their recommendation, here are three creative ways to add value to your referral partner's business and make it irresistible to work with you: 1.

[WWN] Sealing The Deal After Tax Season

Well, you're either on vacation (checking this on your mobile, perhaps), or you're in "recovery mode" from tax season, cleaning up the final detritus from it all. I remember those days well -- and this is the time to seal relationships with your clients AND your seasonal staff. This is the perfect task for the

[WWN-FREE] Guerrilla Procrastinator Strategy [Download]

As you know now, we're EVEN MORE committed that our existing clients get all the business they can handle this tax season, so we've been delivering some additional strategy to you, Nate -- and will continue to do so. One of the things we discussed on the recent Clients-Only Coaching Call was a "guerilla" strategy for raking

[WWN] Mining The Acres of Diamonds Under Your Feet


If you want to get your numbers up between now and April 17th, here's something we did which works like gangbusters, every tax season.  You've got files full of folders (or a database, hopefully!) for clients who haven't yet come in. They are a gold mine of potential for this tax season. Find someone on your

[WWN] Email Ask Referral Strategy

This is a great referral strategy for those using our email marketing services (or, even, for those who aren't!) . I'm copied on a number of client email broadcasts, and one just came across my desk which I received permission to share. It's from Mike and Jim Ornelas, longtime clients and "power users", so to speak, of our