Our Expert Team

Nate Hagerty - Founder & CEO

A 10+ year veteran of the tax and accounting industry -- with a focus on Internet Marketing and Direct Response media, Nate Hagerty has established a reputation for straight-talk and results on behalf of members and concierge clients, and has become a widely-followed and respected marketing voice to the industry. His company, TaxProMarketer was established in

Troy Lakey - Chief Operating Officer

After providing operational and developmental leadership to various ventures in other industries, Troy joined TaxProMarketer in its early beginnings (BuildaHerd Marketing at the time) in October 2007, and aided the business' transition from Charlottesville, VA to Overland Park, KS. Troy brings his training and experience in the fields of law, ministry, and higher education (among

Amanda Smith - Executive Assistant to the CEO

Amanda Smith has been a dependable and enthusiastic employee for TaxProMarketer since February, 2011. As Executive Assistant to the CEO, Amanda is not only responsible for the day to day tasks of bookkeeping, managing the billing department and handling Nate's correspondence and scheduling, but is also in charge of the monthly print newsletter for TaxProMarketer’s offline

Jodi Schipper - Social Media Marketing Director

Jodi Schipper joined the TaxProMarketer team in June 2013 as our Social Media Marketing Specialist to bring production support and research for our Social Media Elevation service. She devotes most of her energy to the daily maintenance of social media pages, accounts, and other marketing services but also assists our Client Accounts Manager with client

Jessica Vander Bok - Client Accounts Manager & Email Marketing Specialist

Jessica Vander Bok has been serving the TaxProMarketer team since December 2013. She has been diligently caring for our clients' marketing needs as the Client Accounts Manager, ensuring every question and request is promptly met with a kind answer. Jessica also lends her extraordinary attention to detail to the management of the weekly operations for

Katherine Hershberger - Social Media Marketing Specialist & Client Concierge

Katherine joined the TaxProMarketer team in February 2015, as our Social Media Marketing Specialist, to bring production support and research for our Social Media Elevation service. Katherine focuses her efforts in two main areas.  On the creation, optimization, and daily maintenance of our clients' social media pages, accounts, and other marketing services.  And on providing

Skyler Braden - Website Marketing Specialist

Skyler joined the TaxProMarketer team in March 2015 as our Website Marketing Specialist. Having graduated with high honors from the University of Denver with a degree in Mathematics, he brings to his position a passion for web development and all things “techy”, along with a passion to see small business owners succeed. As our Website

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