Product & Service Recommendations for TaxPros

Online Appointment Scheduler


This is a great way to save a ton of time, and give your clients an easy way to schedule time with you. I recommend you purchase a domain like "" (or some such), and point it to the domain you set up with this service, and voila! You can then include this link in

Clean Your Mailing Lists

Clean Database

We already do this (clean the mailing lists for address corrections, etc.) for folks that send newsletters through us, but if (for some strange reason) you DON’T use our newsletter services these folks are the best. We have a big, fat discount with them because of all the business we do with them, but if

Track Your Incoming Phone Calls


I’m often asked by my clients and Members how to track your marketing response. Here’s where you start. Grab a couple inexpensive phone numbers, and use different numbers in your local promotions, online, social media, email, etc. Compare how many prospects call each number and you’ve got a “quick and dirty” way to track all

The CRM Cadillac


This is truly the “Cadillac” of Customer Relationship Management software, and it can automate virtually every step of your marketing program. The best part? It gets better every year. This is the program we have used for years, and which my staff uses in the execution of many s, as well as the operation of