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[DOWNLOAD] Rescuing "Lost" Clients

This is one of the most profitable marketing campaigns which you can run. The file, here, is in a letter format, but you can re-purpose this content into postcards, emails, or any other media which will help you reach your non-returned clients. And, what's great about this strategy is that though this particular letter is

[DOWNLOAD] Year-Round Recruiting Process

Managing the staffing for 23 different offices in 15 market areas -- 440+ employees during tax season -- meant that we needed to have a system in place for finding great people. We ran a free tax school in the fall, but filling SEATS in that tax school was always a challenge ... until we implemented

[DOWNLOAD] Direct Mail Strategy and Sample Procrastinator Postcard

I've outlined a few (among many) key principles for creating a direct mail piece which really works in this document. This particular strategy, and sample postcard, was used successfully (4-1 ROI+) in a variety of different tax firms ... but if you don't pursue procrastinators in your tax business, no matter -- the strategies, the copy,

[DOWNLOAD] Think and Grow Rich -- Napoleon Hill

This classic text is a must read for any serious entrepreneur. It outlines the crucial steps to success for entrepreneurs in mastering their inner game. The only thing I might add to this classic text: "ACT." You may not know, but Napoleon Hill died a veritable pauper. W. Clement Stone rescued him late in life, but

[DOWNLOAD] Guerilla Gift Certificate

I still remember when we first rolled out this strategy in our 12 (soon to be 15) market areas. We weren't sure it would actually work ... but then the results came in. 29-1 ROI. This little puppy (and others like it) is an extremely profitable way to grow your tax business "on the cheap".