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How To Measure The Effectiveness of Your Tax Season Marketing

Last week we talked about thanking your clients, and mining for "gold" within your existing client list. Well, I want you to step back, and give you the framework which I used when we evaluated the results from each season. And, for clients who were on our coaching call this week, here's a framework you

Owner-Level Tasks For The Final Month

Now that the March 15th deadline is behind us (phew!), it's time to head into the home stretch of tax season. At this stage of the game, it's tempting to let things slide their way home, across the plate, if you will. But if you want to look back on tax season as the runaway

A Needed Reminder

You're vastly more important -- and powerful -- than you think you are. I was pointed to a great film recently, by my friend Perry Marshall, called the Miracle of Pittron. It's about a Piitsburgh metal foundry plant manager named Wayne Alderson, who said: "People who own and manage companies have huge potential to influence the

[Classic Hagerty] Monetizing Your Phone During Tax Season

I *just* got back from Palm Springs, meeting with one of my marketing mentors, and while I was there, one of the things I thought about was the importance of having CLEAR goals in mind for every client interaction which you or your office has. And I was reminded of this piece we posted a while

The First Time She Is Celebrated...

As I mentioned in the title, my daughter, Lily, turns 8 today. We adopted her this summer from Uganda, and she was found at a very young age at a refugee camp on the border of Sudan. Until this summer, she had spent her entire life in a large orphanage in a small town in

How You Answer This Question Determines Your Overall Marketing Strategy

I hope that you're thinking hard this month about your marketing strategy for tax season. That you're taking my advice from last week to heart, and mining for gold within your existing client list. But what about new clients? Let me begin by asking you this question... What is getting a new client worth to

On Building A Real Herd

It's one thing to have a client list. It's a whole 'nother thing to have a responsive and loyal list. That's what we call around here a "herd". So, how do you build that kind of loyalty? A bunch of ideas for you today... 1. Personality One of the first things you need to understand

Email Is Still King

A few quick words for your Friday: You gotta check out this graphic (via my good friend, top Adwords expert, Perry Marshall): Emails outnumber Facebook posts, tweets, Google searches and Internet page views by a factor of FOUR. Even *after* you exclude spam. As Perry explains, Email is the absolute center of the Internet universe.

Making Your Appointments Pay More

I'm writing from sunny Hilton Head Island, my family and I taking a much-deserved rest from all of our world traveling ... to travel some more! (editor -- probably should work on the logic there!) And for my daughters, who have never seen the ocean, it's been an incredible week of "firsts". I wish we

Segmenting Your Tax Clients for Better Marketing

Hopefully, you've taken the time to take a close look at the REAL demographic data within your client list. Unlike many businesses, you have a wealth of this sort of data on your clients, simply because of the nature of what you do. So what do you do with it? Last week, I said "profit",