Done-For-You Print Newsletter FAQ

"Can I change how much I mail with you each month?"

Of course! Simply re-upload a new client list (in the proper format), and we will mail to your most-recently uploaded list. Each month, however, we restrict list uploads after the 17th for the sake of clarity of communication. "Can I upload more than one client list?" No. Sorry! We like to “keep it simple-stupid” (KISS)…and

"Is there a minimum number to have you print and mail for me?"

We wish we could say no! Unfortunately, printing these puppies on a digital press (the only way to fly, in our opinion!), requires a manual set-up and with under 100 newsletters, it costs WAY more to print and mail these than what we are charging you. So, yes…the minimum order is 100. If you have

"When do the newsletters mail each month?"

We mail at the during the first week of every month -- that month’s edition, to your clients.

"How do I get started? What if I’m not sure how many to mail?"

We anticipated this and noticed it as a major flaw in many newsletter services. So we’ve made it real easy… just go through the approval process, submit your proof and we’ll be in touch with you to get your list. Or, if you'd like to unlock a Microsoft Word and Publisher version for this month's