Done-For-You Print Newsletter FAQ

"Why are relationships with prospects worth investing in sending a print newsletter to them?"

Many service professionals don’t realize how profitable and valuable it is to STOP seeing their clients as yearly transactions, but rather to strategically and systematically build a stronger relationship with them. When you do this, your “client list” changes from being a simple list of names and becomes, instead, a profit-producing, lifestyle-sustaining “herd” … with

"Why does sending a monthly print newsletter make such a difference?"

First of all, it’s the quantity of the touches. Many believe that you can send a bi-monthly newsletter, but our research has definitively shown that there must be a MINIMUM of 10-12 “non-sales” PRINT touches with clients every year in order to obtain maximum value from a client list (direct-response marketing legend Dan Kennedy also

"I hate writing. Will I have to add my own content?"

Perfect! Because while many other newsletter services will charge you an arm and a leg to write customized content, our team provides a MONTHLY dose of “done for you” articles and even offers, such that if you NEVER WANTED TO WRITE A THING … well, you can!

"I enjoy writing -- can I add my own personalize flavor to portions of the newsletter?"

Great! Because not only do you get this monthly “default” content, but we have spent many thousands of dollars developing our website, to provide you with a “dashboard” where you can upload your own articles, pictures, logos, and other personalized info to your newsletter -- and instantly create an outputted PDF file which we can

"So, what does the newsletter look like? Is it professional?"

Of course it’s professional … but it's not intended to be "slick". Here’s why -- even the highest-end clients want that personal touch. So this newsletter (Wealthy and Wise!®), is designed to look like you hunkered down in front of your computer for 20 hours and cranked it out by hand. If you have us print

"Getting newsletters printed and mailed is a royal, monthly hassle. Can you do this for me?"

Again, based on our research and experience in working with tax professionals for almost ten years, I know the plain reality that the implementation of great ideas is a lot harder than what the guru’s promise. So we do it ALL for you. We design, write, customize, print, sort AND mail your newsletter to your clients ...

"If you print and mail for me, what safeguards are in place to guarantee that this information is secure and will not be sold or used by other any other outside services to solicit my clients without my permission?"

We invested in secure certificates to our website so that it’s virtually like an iron-coated vault! In fact, we make the formal representation to you under penalty of law that we will not sell, trade or rent your list for any purpose. We will not market to it ourselves. We utilize your list like any marketing

List format, uploading issues

"How do I send you my list?" Glad you asked! We offer a place on our website to upload your client list directly so that we can send it to our printing partner. "What format does the client list need to be in?" There is a “sample format” on our website in the section where

"If I have you print and mail on my behalf ... how much does it cost?"

I bet you’re thinking that subscribing to this tool will cost you a fortune. I’m happy to tell you that it doesn’t. I’ve spoken personally with business owners across a wide variety of different industries, real estate agents to car shop owners, dentists and mortgage brokers, and when I ask them if this sort of

"How do I proof the newsletters?"

This is done for you automatically through the special dashboard we’ve created. You’ll be seeing any changes you make in real time.