Coaching Calls

[MOST RECENT] May - After Tax Season Leverage

Your competitors are slowly transitioning out of tax season, and many are still not spending much time in their offices. Well, let's leap past them! And, lest you think that what we be discussed is about being at your office MORE, instead, we be focused on strategic offseason steps, and evaluating your tax season --

April - Evaluating Your Tax Season

Here's how you should break down what worked ... and what didn't during your tax season.

March - Finishing Strong, Raking in Procrastinators

March is NOT the time to relent in bringing in more business to your firm. Just under one month left, and "procrastination season" is just about to kick in. So, to that end, we deliver to you easy-to-follow (and implement) ideas for sucking in those procrastinators, maximizing the time of your staff and ensuring that your offseason is set

February - Closing Phone Calls, Increasing Profits

You can be doing the best marketing on the planet ... but be losing sales to a leaky phone. Plus, there are a variety of other "profit drainers" which need fixing during tax season that we also addressed during this training.   I actually "mystery shopped" some of you, pretending to be a hot prospect ...and

January - Early Season Adjustments & Strategy

We broke down "What To Do Right Now", during the rush of early tax season days, and how to maximize your marketing dollars, sales and profits.  

December - Preparing for Tax Season

We had a guest speaker, Chauncey Hutter, Jr. lay out the most important things to think about as you prepare for tax season.

November - Implementing Your Marketing Plan

This call was actually conducted right at the beginning of tax season, but it was a special call -- and it's PERFECT for the November season. It's all about how we were able to get out so much marketing (for 15 market areas, and 24 offices) during the rush of tax season. And how to

October - 13 Wealth Triggers for Tax Professionals

This was one of our best calls, as I convinced Chauncey Hutter, Jr. to pour out some of the "big picture" wealth and growth strategies he used to build multiple huge businesses.

September - Attainable Goals, Direct Mail Done Right

This month, we focus on identifying attainable growth goals for the rest of the quarter, and during tax season. Further, I delivered an overview primer on using direct mail, to cross-sell or generate leads for ANY service.

August - Recruiting Done Right

This topic can be applied in your office now OR later, but the key piece for me is .... I want to help you build a year-round marketing plan related to finding "rightly-matched" people to work in your office so you GROW faster and experience LESS STRESS at the same time.