"Hey! What Happened To 'BuildaHerd'?"

April, 2012

When I started this business, exactly five years ago, we started with one simple service: Newsletter Marketing.

Having been a student of relationship-based, direct-response marketing for years, I knew the awesome power of forming a "top-of-consciousness" relationship of trust with your clients, prospects and circles of influence. I had been coaching hundreds of tax professionals in this, speaking all over the country for various tax professional groups -- and we discovered that tax and accounting professionals "got it" ... but were short on implementation.

And doing it right -- not with glossy, stock-photo and stock-article junk, but with a conversational, yet authoritative style -- well, that's been our hallmark over these five years, even as we've expanded into various other media. Moving "cold" prospects into warm leads and clients ... it requires a process of relationship-building.

So, five years ago, we decided to just do it for them.

Because building a "herd" of loyal followers is the secret to that pocket of profit which propels ordinary businesses into great, long-lasting ones.

Here's the problem though: "BuildaHerd" is marketer-speak. And, well, we help tax and accounting professionals -- not just the ones who are "into" marketing.

So, after doing a bunch of careful thinking and planning, we changed our name. Because what matters MOST is that tax and accounting professionals understand that we are here for THEM. "BuildaHerd" sounded pretty cool when I talked to my marketing pals, but when we spoke with tax and accounting pros (as we do on a daily basis) ... well, the name required a bit of 'splaining.

Here's what has NOT changed: Our laser-like focus on helping tax professionals ATTRACT the right kind of clients and prospects, forming deep relationships of trust with them using leveraged media -- and helping them grow their bottom line, both in the short term AND the long term.

That is, and always will be, what we do.

While you're here, check out all of what's available to you now in our Members Area ... and let us know what you think!


Nate Hagerty and your TaxProMarketer/formerly-BuildaHerd-Marketing staff 🙂