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Doing Well In Your Tax Business By Doing Good

There’s nothing quite like being able to market your tax or accounting practice while also doing something wonderful for someone else. Because as tax season approaches, it's time to start compiling the list of strategies you're going to put into place to GROW in 2015 and beyond. It shouldn't be a short list. As Dan Kennedy used

Before You Put Out Any Tax Marketing Materials...

I know the bullets are really flying for you now, but this is NOT the time for you, as the OWNER of your business, to relent from making the rain. (I.E. bringing in new business.) You likely have some basic marketing materials that you use but I'd like to give you a simple checklist today

Don't take your existing clients for granted

A few weeks ago, I encouraged you to slice your marketing efforts into three buckets: 1) Existing Clients 2) "Lost" Clients (those who didn't return last tax season) 3) New Clients So many tax pros focus on getting *new* clients that they don't focus on the two easiest clients to get: A) Ones they already

Only implementing your best stuff during tax season

A lot of people feel GUILTY. All the time. Especially at the dawn of a new tax season. Why? Because they have all these growth ideas, courses, books and training, and have gone to a bunch of seminars and haven't hardly implemented any of it. Guilt. Blame. Self condemnation. Well, if you've done NONE of

Reliable tax season marketing, in 3 categories

2013 is about to dawn with some major tax changes, but for you and your business, you better not sit on your keister and "hope" that it translates into automatic new business. And there have been a TON of changes, even just over the last  couple years. Mobile marketing is taking off, social media has

Making All Things New

If you've been reading my emails for any length of time, you've likely figured out that my particular faith tradition is Christian. That is, I make it my goal in life to follow Christ, wherever he might lead. And, of course, I fail regularly in this pursuit. That's one of the many reasons Christmas is

Here's What is Shamelessly Robbing Us

I sometimes miss the old days. Back when the only phone anyone owned was "THE land line". Remember how we used to answer it? "Hello, this is Nate?" You know, with the raised intonation of a question. There was mystery, suspense, excitement. My siblings and I used to actually RACE each other and scratch one

The Stories Your Tax and Accounting Clients Are Telling

I'm sitting in the Westin in Los Angeles, while attending a huge conference for authors, consultants, speakers and coaches put on by James Malinchak (a highly-paid business consultant, and one of the featured celebrities on the hit ABC show, The Secret Millionaire). Although attending these "outside-the-industry" events keeps me from attending to other, immediate tasks,

The Lowest Hanging Fruit During Tax Season

One of my best friends is a business turnaround expert. He's worked with some of the best -- from universities to Agora Financial (Porter Stansberry, et al) to golf courses, smaller businesses and industry coaches -- and I had him in yesterday for a special private webinar for all our top-level clients here at TaxProMarketer on

A Tax Marketing Thanksgiving Thought

It's the day before Thanksgiving, and I'm starting early. I'm sitting here, so grateful for the simple act of coming together with my family, my friends and clients ... my God, and standing back to enjoy the goodness which each of us are blessed to receive. Because no matter the state of this economy, your business, your family, or