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Bah Humbug

Actually, I LOVE Christmas ... but I know that for many of us in the tax industry, it's a bit like the calm before the storm. Sometimes it's hard to enjoy all the merriment when you know you're staring down the barrel of a big fat load of work in the next four months. BUT,

Three Tax Marketing Resources

A quick story, and some resources for you today, as you prepare for tax season ... (I'm violating some "rules" today by giving you a few different things to use in your practice, but I also know that you may have different needs that Joe Smith, CPA in the next town over, so use today

NEW: Affordable, Targeted Direct Mail For Tax Professionals

Yesterday, we demonstrated a (free to use) tool which might just be the silver bullet you've been looking for to grow your tax business. I don't throw those words around lightly, but as I mentioned on yesterday's webinar: If this had been around when I was running the marketing for our tax business, we would have

Immunity from politics -- and client departures

With all of the chaos brewing on the national political scene, it's tempting for us in the tax industry to sort of keep our heads down and concentrate ONLY on what we "know" how to do. And that may not be a bad strategy, given how much flux we're seeing in the Congressional scene. But

My presentation to a large tax professional group

The extension deadline is past, the government shutdown is over -- and the ramp-up to tax season is about to begin in earnest. Goodness knows what devilry the only-just-delayed Congressional brinksmanship will bring to us before the NEXT deadline comes in January, but regardless, clients are getting ready to stream through your doors, both in January,

My Son's Birthday Gift To You

My son, Boaz (Bo) Raymond Hagerty, was born last Thursday, October 24th at 9:02AM. My wife and I are thrilled, obviously, and both she and baby Bo are doing great. It was a looong labor (64 hours -- which, obviously, is a story ... but one for another day), but my wife was/is a hero, and we

The 80/20 Way To Find New Customers: Email and Snail Mail Lists (Guest Post)

Guest Post by my friend, Perry Marshall In a marketing world dominated by Google AdWords and SEO, most people don’t realize the vast range of options you have when you rent and buy snail-mail lists, email lists and phone lists. In my book 80/20 Sales and Marketing, I write about two separate lists that exist

Losing The Tax Marketing Game Before You Start

I've seen a TON of accountant and tax marketing over the years. Not only here at TaxProMarketer (where I still see plenty as I research and provide input to clients), but I've coached and consulted with hundreds of firm owners over my decade in the industry, and I've spent a few years speaking around the country

A Fond Farewell To Melissa Kelly

Today is a bittersweet day here around TaxProMarketer. Melissa Kelly (née Wagner) has been an integral, full-time staff member with us for almost four years, and today is her last day. She goes with her bosses (me and Troy) kicking and screaming (occasionally begging) about her exit, but she is moving on to pursue a

Three Ways To Make Email WORK In Your Tax Business

Note: A few of our staff, and I will be attending the New Orleans IRS Forum next week, and we'll also have a booth. Come through and say hello if you'll be there!  Using email in your tax practice is a tricky thing. Many tax professionals are content to only send those generic "tax tips" that come as