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A Risky Invitation

Last year, just around this time, my first biological son was born. To say that it was a miracle, after 12+ years of marriage ... well, it's a bit of an understatement. Well, today, a different kind of "baby" is being born in our family. My wife, Sara, today had her first book published and

Too Many Emails In Your Tax Business?

Just got back from Vegas from the NATP Tax Pro Forum... and, well, it's good to be back on the home front with my five children running around. I've had more speaking invitations and travel in this past season than ever, and while that's a fine thing, it's also a cause to remember the beauty

How To Grow Your Tax Business In The Offseason

With Memorial Day weekend behind us, we're rounding a corner. It's about time to get serious again. Summertime is "planning season" for tax professionals -- both for your clients but also, of course, for YOU, in preparation for tax season. And this can be a great revenue-surge for you, if you approach it properly. You

Tax Professionals: Time To Diversify -- And Dive Deep In Your Tax Marketing

Were your results everything you wanted for this past tax season? Many of our clients did VERY well this past tax season, but I've heard from a few (non clients) that they definitely didn't hit their numbers. Nor did the industry overall, btw -- as you've probably heard by now, returns prepared by professionals were

Moving Forward After Busy Season

As usual, tax season provided quite a ride for us here, and for our clients -- I know you're resting, so I'll keep this brief. We have some really great stuff cooking for you this spring and summer, including, in a couple weeks, my interview with an extremely successful CPA practitioner that I've worked with

Two Powerful Direct Mail Campaigns For Tax Professionals (That Competitors Won't Do)

You're in the middle of the crush right now, I know -- but I wanted to make SURE that you utilized these two direct mail campaigns, because no matter what kind of tax firm you operate (i.e. whatever profile your target client falls under), you really should be implementing two specific direct mail campaigns in the next couple

Is this bad news for tax professionals?

We're getting ready for the IRS to begin to accept electronically-filed tax returns... do you have enough in the hopper? I suppose what I'm *really* asking is this: Do you have enough new clients coming through your doors ... or would you want some more? Yes, a simple question -- and you probably are saying to yourself,

This is the best week to start direct mail in your tax business

Have you laid out your marketing calendar yet? If the answer is YES, then bravo. If not, here's a quick tip: Set up some direct mail THIS week to a targeted radius around your office. And by "set up", I mean that you should understand that there is always a lag time with printers, designers, mailing services,

Three crucial tax marketing steps for 2014

So, with the delay in e-filing, I SURE do hope that you are using this "calm before the storm" time productively, and that you are planning now to bring in new clients to your tax practice. Today, I'm going to give you a little blueprint for how that is done. But before I go there, let

A REALLY smart seasonal help ad for your tax office

First off Happy New Year! And let's get the obligatories out of the way: Set some great goals. Do what it takes to meet them. Rinse, Repeat. Ok. We're all set there now, I trust. (Just thought I'd join the somewhat-boring chorus on that one.) But here's what is NOT boring: a killer Craigslist posting